Connect! College and Career Planning Portal

Informed Education and
Career Decision Making

The Connect! College and Career Planning Portal allows educators, parents, and students to collaborate in developing an academic, financial, and future career plan that aligns with student aspirations.

Key Benefits

  • Leverage Actionable Data Support, track and report on student progress by securely integrating student data and gaining insight on student performance across district and school levels.
  • Create Personalized Plans for Learners Map student aspirations and skills with performance data to make informed recommendations for a student’s future.
  • Improve Student Success Student success and alumni networks are strengthened by helping students and parents connect directly with colleges and careers.
  • Offer More Strategic Services to Students Track student milestone completion in a centralized system, making support services more strategic.


Interactive Planning Tools

Connect! offers multiple interactive planning tools to students, counselors, and parents to assist with everything from financial to career planning. Course planners, financial aid resources, and college cost calculators engage students and allow them to work with their counselors and parents to ensure they are on track to meet graduation requirements and are prepared for their postsecondary and career plans.

College & Career Search

Connect! provides information on over 1,000 careers, with all career data gathered from a reputable partner’s database and updated annually. Students can take personality assessments to help them find careers that match their interests, values, and skills. Connect! also provides students powerful tools for finding colleges both in and out of state, including College Lists, College Comparison, and Acceptance History Scattergrams.

Communication Center

The robust portal communication center allows educators to easily message and interact with students and their parents. Counselors are able to schedule, host, and track student events, as well as update a calendar that is visible to all students, faculty, and parents through the portal. Students can receive notifications via text message or email for upcoming scholarship and event deadlines.

Centralized Student Tracking

There are a variety of tools to help educators and parents track the progress of their students and ensure that students are achieving specific application and graduation metrics. Students are able to track the progress of their college and scholarship applications, request transcripts from their counselors, and track their community service hours directly through
the portal.

Data & Reporting

Counselors and administrators have access to robust reporting tools to analyze and find trends in large series of student data. Report filters allow users to conduct broad or narrow searches using a variety of factors like demographics, grades and test scores, progress in the platform and more.


ConnectEDU is an industry leader in developing user-friendly college and career-planning portals for K-12 institutions at the local, state and national levels. Serving over 20 million students in over 100,000 educational institutions, our state-of-the-art technology ensures that students, counselors, parents, and mentors take the necessary steps for a smooth transition to college and a career.

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