Psychology is a major of which students can select when they want to help others or help broaden the understanding for human mind. Psychology is a research field for human mind and action. Students generally learn human cognition, neurology, abnormal behavior and development process. They can also select detailed area such as child psychotherapy, behavioral psychology, organizational psychology, etc., and study professional fields.


Q. What would I mainly learn in psychology major?

A: Students studying psychology research the method of people’s learning, thinking and recognizing the surrounding world and their interaction. During the program, students spend many hours researching, analyzing the thesis, comparing and contrasting. Later, they develop their own research and are evaluated. In principle, psychology is a research-based degree which helps understand human cognition process and behavior, and they acquire skills for research, composition and analysis.

Q. Psychology, how does its future look like?

A: US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that psychologists will increase jobs by 14% by 2026. Clinical, counseling and school psychologists are expected to increase by 20% to 32,500 new jobs, while industrial organizational psychology has increased by 19% to an additional 30,500 jobs. Mental health counseling profession is also projected to increase by 20% by 2024. Family therapy will increase by 15% as 5,000 new jobs added.

Family therapy will increase by 15% as 5,000 new jobs added. Degree in psychology opens up the possibility of professional work in a wide range of fields including therapy, business, sales, medicine, social work and counseling. Graduates can get entry-level jobs right after graduation from undergraduate school, but it is usually recommended to take a graduate course to gain more professional capability.


Job groups for psychology majors

Psychology majors can have following job groups.

▪︎ Psychologist

They research human behavior, interpret how an individual responds to his/her own environment, and execute therapy for disability

▪︎ Abuse Counselor

They support customers suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. They help customers recover from addictive behavior and set up therapy plan to provide emotional support through the process.

▪︎ Mental Health Counselor

They resolve problems such as depression, disorder, bipolar disease and more. They also help customers facing difficult times such as divorce or death of loved ones. Mental health counselor provides therapy as well as diagnoses disabilities.

▪︎ Social Worker

They help people in need respond to problems involving emotion, behavior, family and profession as well as general problems.

「Average salary of psychology majors」

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, psychologist earn high salary of $77,030. However, drug abuse counselor or mental health counselor earns about $43,3000. Social workers and family therapist usually make $47,980. Psychology majors find incentives in meaningful work and opportunity where they can help others.


TOP 3 colleges with psychology major

Stanford University

ㆍExpected tuition : $51,350

· Founded in 1891, Stanford University is a private research institute located in Stanford, Californa. Stanford University is located close to Silicon Valley which is a global state-of-the-art industrial base, and it offers more opportunities for education and research. So far, it has more 84 Nobel laureates as students and faculty. As of now, 17 Nobel laureates are working at the school.

ㆍSchool feature : Mission of undergraduate program in psychology is to introduce students to the theory and empirical research of human behavior. The research includes aging, achievement, child development, cognitive process, conflict, culture, decision making, emotions, group behavior, health, identity, infancy, language, learning and memory, morality, motivation, personality, psychopathology, and race . Faculty of psychology school provides students with knowledge and skills related to professional careers in technology, business, counseling, education, public policy, law and medicine, as well as graduate studies in psychology.

ㆍMajor curriculum are as follows.

Introduction to psychology

Individual and society : Introduction to social psychology

Introduction to statistical method : calculus

Princeton University

ㆍExpected tuition : $50,340

ㆍFounded in 1746, Princeton University is an Ivy League school located in Princeton, New Jersey. Traditionally, it has emphasis on undergraduate programs and research. As a result, there is no medical, law or business administration school in Princeton unlike other Ivy League schools. It hs fewer enrollment compared to other Ivy League schools and its student to faculty ratio is at 5:1.

ㆍSchool feature : School of psychology offers basic and advanced undergraduate courses in sensory, perception, motor skill, language, reasoning, decision making and social interaction. Because psychological science works with large and complex data sets, students learn basic statistical methods. Because mental processes and behaviors take place in the brain, the school provides the basis for neuroscience.

ㆍMajor curriculum are as follows.

Perception and language development of infant

The use of neurometric techniques to understand memory and attention

Effect of tacit prejudice and stereotypes on social cognition

Neurological basis of social communication

University of Pennsylvania

Expected tuition : $55,580

ㆍUniveristy of Pennsylvania is an Ivy League school located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US. University of Pennsylvania offers various dual major programs and, in addition to the Wharton School of Business, is globally recognized for its medicine, law, linguistics, psychology and English literature. In addition to the university, there are general graduate schools and specialized graduate schools such as medicine, law, business administration, education, design, dentistry, veterinary medicine and social welfare, which make it an excellent university.

ㆍSchool feature : Psychology is scientific study of the mind. It covers how we perceive information, process information, react emotionally and cognitively, learn about information, or how mental processes change over time in the world. Due to the broad range of its content and methodology, psychology encompasses various different academic and interdisciplinary activities.

ㆍIn undergraduate program, following fields are included.

Clinical psychology

Behavioral neurology

Cognitive development

Social basis for general psychology


List of colleges with psychology major



University of Chicago


Harvard University


Yale University


University of Michigan-Ann Arbor


University of California, Los Angeles


University of British Columbia


New York University


London School of Economics and Political Science


Duke University


University of Amsterdam


Cornell University


Northwestern University


University of Washington


Columbia University


University of Virginia (Main campus)


University of Minnesota


Carnegie Mellon University


University of Edinburgh


University of Toronto


University of Texas at Austin


University of Wisconsin-Madison


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


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